Could Undiagnosed Neuropathy Be The REAL Cause Of Your Health Issues?

  • Are you worried about the numbness, tingling or loss of strength in your fingers and toes?

  • Are you feeling burning, stabbing or shooting pain which limits your ability to exercise and do all the things that used to keep you active?

  • Are you experiencing muscle weakness that also triggers balance and coordination problems, making you afraid of falling?

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undiagnosed neuropathy could be to blame!


3 Misconceptions About Neuropathy

Many Conditions Look Like Neuropathy

While it's tempting to blame your symptoms on neuropathy, there's many other conditions with very similar symptoms such as rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin B12 deficiency, multiple sclerosis, pinched nerves or thyroid disorders. That's why it's critical to properly identify the root cause of your symptoms by a neuropathy specialist trained in functional neurology.

Neuropathy Is Not A Serious Condition

In the early stages, neuropathy typically leads to a barely noticeable loss of function that has patients ignoring the slight tingling, numbness or burning sensation until much more serious damage has occurred. It is important to seek early & proper diagnosis and treatment to manage the symptoms and prevent progression of this debilitating condition.

Neuropathy Is Mainly Caused By Diabetes

While diabetes is one of the most frequent causes of neuropathy, there are many other potential causes including injuries, autoimmune diseases, toxin exposure, food reactivities, spinal stenosis, disc herniation & degenerative discs as well as poor circulation. Without understanding the root cause, it's going to be next to impossible to effectively resolve your condition.

Meet Dr. Brian Anderson, DC

Since graduating with his Doctorate of Chiropractic, Dr. Anderson has spent hundreds of hours of post-graduate training in Functional Medicine, Functional Endocrinology, Functional Blood Chemistry, and Nutrition, Functional Neurology, Neuronal Conduction Studies, Laserology, and Auriculotherapy. Recently, Dr. Anderson has become Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician specializing in chronic conditions linked to the nervous system.

Dr. Anderson draws from years of experience and educational background, making him especially capable and excited to embrace the chronic condition of patients. The individual experience of being a patient at Premier Health of Summit begins with one of the most extensive evaluations available. A thorough patient history as well as an understanding of patient treatment goals is vital to the initial evaluation.

Your Health + Wellness Is Our Passion

Helping people live a more balanced & healthier life isn't just our job, it's our passion! We take our commitment to lifelong, optimal health + wellness very seriously... incorporating the latest scientific advances and dedicated to the very best care possible.

We focus on giving you the care you need, not the care sanctioned by health insurance – which is why our programs include longer appointment times, more communication, more advanced testing and guidance on lifestyle factors that can truly make or break your health.

We like to think of ourselves as your trusted partner towards a healthier, more resilient life – supporting you every step of the way, because we know what's possible when you have the right guide by your side!

If you haven't found the answers you've been looking for with traditional medicine and still feel unheard, you are in the right place! We're excited to make you our next success story, so let's take the first step with the quiz :)


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